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Engineered Components M&A Industry Update | January 2024

M&A Engineered Components

In this M&D M&A Industry Update, we explore the M&A activity and projections for the Engineered Components sector within the M&D industry. In this M&D M&A Industry Update, our experts share their insights on the current state of the Engineered Components M&A market and look at the factors influencing the broader M&D industry. Select Insights: To […]

The Shifting Landscape in M&A Transactions: Why Strategy is Critical

Grand Canyon, blue sky, sun, mountains

The landscape of M&A has changed over the years, and it was once believed that personal connections were the key to selling a business. Currently, however, a personal connection with prospective buyers is no longer the most crucial aspect of a seller’s strategy.  You Need a Strategy In today’s fiercely competitive market, the necessity of […]

The Importance of Knowing Your Number When Selling Your Business 

Blue digital numbers, futuristic

As a business owner in today’s landscape, you’ve likely experienced a growing trend—an influx of inquiries and offers from potential buyers interested in acquiring your company. These offers, while intriguing, can carry significant implications for your company’s future.. The Changing Landscape of Business Offers The rise of private equity firms looking for their next acquisition […]

Approached with an Unsolicited Offer to Buy Your Business? How to Avoid Wasting Your Time

Two business people shaking hands, blue background

Have you received unsolicited offers from prospective buyers of your business? In this article, we will lay out Objective’s strategic business selling strategy and provide detailed examples of how to implement it in your business to help you separate promising offers from those that aren’t worth your time.  Objective’s 3-Step Process for Navigating Unsolicited Offers […]

The Unique Mergers and Acquisitions Landscape In Pharma Services

Pharma Industry, blue background with glass medical bottles

Your pharmaceutical services company will likely attract significant attention from acquisition firms and larger pharma companies trying to expand their markets, customers, technology, and products.  In order to leverage this, knowing what makes your company attractive to buyers, the challenges you may face, and how a company like Objective can guide you through the complex […]

How to Navigate the M&A Process When Selling Your Business

M&A Process

The Merger and Acquisition process can be daunting and unfamiliar territory for business owners. Selling a business requires meticulous planning, financial analysis, legal considerations, and effective integration strategies to ensure a successful transition and value creation for all stakeholders involved. This two-part blog post details the entire selling process, including strategies that can maximize the […]

Year-End Alert: Goodwill Impairment Testing is More Critical Than Ever

As we approach the close of the fiscal year, businesses should be honing in on a crucial aspect of their financial reporting: the health and accuracy of their balance sheets. An active M&A market in the last few years means goodwill and intangible assets continued to grow in importance, becoming even more significant figures in […]

Apparel & Accessories M&A Industry Update | Q3 2023

In this Apparel & Accessories M&A Industry Update, we explore the M&A activity and projections for this sector within the Consumer industry. Within this report we provide key themes that are driving deal activity for Apparel & Accessories companies, M&A activity updates, and up-to-date market data. The purpose of this report is to educate business […]

Case Study | Sale of Bell Canyon Consulting

Objective, Investment Banking & Valuation (“Objective”), an award-winning middle market investment banking and valuation firm, is pleased to announce that it served as the exclusive financial advisor to Bell Canyon Consulting in their sale to TRINITY, a global commercialization partner to the life sciences industry. Bell Canyon provides life sciences companies with data management […]

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