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From retail to hospitality, the Consumer Industry encompasses a diverse range of businesses focused on delivering products and services to end consumers.

Advancing Growth

In Objective’s Consumer Practice, we recognize the complexities of the consumer landscape and aim to provide tailored solutions that support growth, elevate customer experiences, and help frame your brand story for optimal value. Drawing on our experience in this competitive Industry, we strive to guide our clients toward favorable outcomes in their business transactions.


Brand Equity and Customer Loyalty

The intricacies of brand equity and customer loyalty aren’t just growth drivers—they’re pivotal in positioning a business for a successful sale. 

A well-established brand and a loyal customer base can significantly enhance a company’s perceived value to potential buyers. We assist businesses in articulating and highlighting these facets effectively, so that when the time comes to sell, they’re positioned to maximize their value and appeal in the marketplace.

Distribution and Retail Networks

Within the Consumer industry, an extensive distribution and retail network is a testament to valuable relationships and strategic alliances. As businesses approach a change in ownership, continuity of these networks becomes critical. 

We guide businesses in emphasizing the stability and significance of these networks, ensuring they stand out as key assets to potential buyers, enhancing the appeal and value of the company.



Product Innovation and Differentiation

In this fast-paced industry, product innovation and differentiation stand as pillars of enduring success. Amidst a sea of choices, the ability to consistently evolve and present unique offerings sets companies apart. 

We highlight these innovative strides to potential buyers, emphasizing their value. Such innovations captivate customers and boost a company’s standing in the market, enhancing its appeal to those looking for forward-thinking acquisitions.


Customer Data and Privacy

In the digital landscape, consumer data offers invaluable perspectives for R&D, market expansion, and operational efficiency. Likewise, consumers expect companies to  safeguard sensitive data and privacy. 

At Objective, we highlight the multi-dimensional value of a business’s data repository, emphasizing it as a comprehensive strategic asset for acquirers that seamlessly melds insight with integrity.


Supply Chain Resilience

Supply chain resilience is paramount for operational continuity for Consumer brands. As global markets evolve, maintaining an agile supply chain becomes critical, especially during M&A, as disruptions can cast shadows on valuations and the integration process. 

At Objective, we emphasize the significance of a robust supply chain and actively guide our clients towards achieving resilience, safeguarding operations and upholding brand reputation during transformative phases.

Areas of Expertise

In the ever-evolving M&A landscape, the consumer area is punctuated by rapid shifts in customer preferences, technological advances, and global market trends.

At Objective’s Consumer Practice, our primary focus is partnering exclusively with sellers, especially those in the realms of Apparel & Accessories, DTC/eCommerce, Health, Wellness, & Beauty, Recreation Products, and Specialty Food & Beverage. Yet, our reach isn’t confined to just these areas. We guide brands of all types, aligning M&A strategies with current consumer behaviors. 

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eCommerce & DTC
Pet Products
Apparel & Accessories
Health, Wellness & Beauty
Recreation Products
Specialty Food & Beverage
Maternity & Baby Products

Featured Engagements

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Beyond the Transaction

Beyond The Transaction

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Representative Engagement

Sale of Kindred Bravely
to TZP Group

Objective’s Consumer Practice served as the exclusive sell-side advisor to Kindred Bravely, a digitally native DTC brand providing women’s maternity and nursing apparel focused on comfort and functionality, in their sale to TZP Group.

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