CRO Report: CRO’s Are Positioned For Accelerating Growth

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In this CRO Report, we analyze public and private company transactions for 2020 and over the past 3 years, evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on the CRO space, deliver insights and trends that CRO business owners should be aware of moving forward, and more.


CRO Report Takeaways:

  • CRO industry revenue growth is expected to slow to 4% in 2H 2020 (primarily due to slow 2Q 20ʼ bookings, RFP volume growth and logistical difficulties accessing clinical trial sites and patients) before increasing to 7-9% in 2021-2024.
    • Clinical trials other than COVID-related studies were substantially suspended (impaired site access for less emergent studies).
  • We have witnessed a slowdown due to decreased R&D spends and shifts from development to research.
    • Preclinical work is less sensitive to travel and patient visitations.
    • We expect the market to rebound in 2021-2024.
  • Preclinical CROʼs are growing the fastest over 2020-2022 due to increased investments in early stage development.
    • Charles River Laboratories (CRL) is the dominant player in discovery and early development, contributing to this growth.
  • COVID is a contributor to the growth despite short-term operational headwinds.
    • COVID-19 is almost becoming a new disease category in its own right with its own therapeutics and vaccines.
    • Increased COVID bookings will help revenue performance of clinical CROʼs in the intermediate term due to long term safety surveillance.


To read the full CRO Report, download below


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