An Existing Shareholder Wants To Buy The Business. Now What?

guide to an existing shareholder buying the company
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Unsolicited offers for private companies tend to come from strategic competitors, customers or suppliers and private equity as they are actively searching for new platform or tuck-in investments. Rarely, however, do they come from an existing shareholder in a business who wants to buy out the other shareholders. What does the Board need to do in this situation?

Here are three considerations to keep in mind.

Know The Value of Your Business

Understanding Expectations and Valuation

Check the expectations of the Board. How much is the value of the business? The Board may have a number in their head. What is that number based on? How does that number compare to what the buyer is willing and able to pay?

Getting an Expert Assessment

In a corporation, the board of directors is the governing body that assists with high-level direction and helps advance the corporation’s objectives. The Board has a fiduciary duty to exercise meaning that both directors and officers handle their powers for the collective benefit of the corporation and its stockholders.

Get a valuation expert involved and understand the current value of the business so that an offer can be assessed for fairness.

The Board Must Be Prepared at All Times

Being on Buyers’ Radar

If the Board is in a position to bring other credible buyers into the process quickly, they will gain substantial negotiating power. To accomplish this, the Board and its Management should already be on other potential acquirers’ radar screens making them aware of the company’s capabilities and the value proposition.

Leveraging Multiple Offers

When multiple buyers are brought into the process, the negotiating power shifts significantly toward the seller, who can use a competitive process to maximize valuation.

Bring an Independent Financial Advisor Into The Process

Avoiding Missteps

Unprepared companies and their Boards tend to assemble requested materials in a rushed manner and answer questions on the go without a well formulated strategy.

Gaining Credibility and Options

By bringing an independent M&A advisor into the process, the Company will immediately bring increased credibility and seriousness to the buyer interest, as well as establish a formalized process and create additional options for the Board to consider.

Introducing actual or threatened additional buyers into the process will likely result in the initial buyer, in this case the existing shareholder, raising its offer.

Other buyers may have acquisition interest at a valuation superior to the insider offer, especially buyers that can realize synergistic values with their business.

If you have questions about an offer or a sale, our team at Objective Investment Banking & Valuation is ready to help provide answers. Feel free to reach out at (800) 849-7010.


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