Is Your Company Ready for Sale?

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It is likely that you will find yourself thinking about the sale of your company after years or decades of building your business from the ground up. Whether you have a well-defined exit plan and strategy or are taking a “winging it” approach when it comes to preparing for sale, you must be able to view your company from the buyer’s eye. Are you ready?


Understand Value Drivers of the Business

The value drivers are the qualities and characteristics of your business that prospective buyers will be most interested in learning more about. For example, begin to assess and get prepared to answer several questions from interested parties in your business including:


  • Is there a history of consistent growth? If not, why? What are the drivers for consistent growth?
  • What opportunities exist to grow the business? If you had additional capital to invest, where would it be allocated?
  • Is your company a part of a growing sector? What are the drivers of the sector?
  • Are you increasing your share of the market? If not, what needs to happen to order to increase share?
  • What are the barriers to competition? And, have you created them? If not, why not? When do you plan on creating the barriers?
  • Are any of your customers or suppliers contractually committed? Do you have a customer concentration issue? How do you diversify your customer list?
  • What is your competitive differentiation? Why are you so special? Are any of your products or services unique and provide you with a competitive advantage?
  • What is your brand equity? Do you have a recognizable brand?
  • Is your company innovative or “generic” and commoditized? Do you have intellectual property to drive further value and create barriers to entry?
  • What are your operating and contribution margins? How do they compare to industry standard versus your peers?
  • What is your payor mix? Cash or third-party reimbursement?
  • Are you using best practices for accounting, financial matters, and compliance? What non- related business expenses are being run through the business?
  • Is the company dependent on your involvement and presence? What is your succession plan to create sustainability?
  • How do you track key measures for success or key performance indicators (KPI’s)? How do you compare year over year?
  • Do you have the right people on the bus sitting in the right seats moving forward? Is the leadership team skilled and succeeding in meeting or exceeding goals and objectives?
  • Does the company have the ability to attract, develop, and retain quality employees?
  • Are the company’s legal matters in order? Where are the skeletons?


What are You Doing to Address the Gaps?

If you intend to sell your company in the near future or within the next two years, the time to address any gaps, perceived or real, is now. There is no need to wait. Do it now as addressing any deficiencies will take time and you don’t want to delay the process. The flip side of the coin is that any deficiencies that exist will likely be discovered in the due diligence process and may cause the buyers to either walk or offer lower than expected market terms.

It is currently a seller’s market and buyers of many sizes and shapes exist that are eagerly seeking ways to acquire good companies and create investor value. You only have one chance to make a good impression to buyers, similar to the analogy of only having one opportunity to launch a product. Will your first impression lead to a successful sale at the price you want and in the time frame you desire, or will it leave you with long-term regrets on Monday following the sale, or not, of the company? Invest time today to significantly influence the reward you get back in return.

If you are looking to explore opportunities for the sale of your company, our firm is happy to assist in assessing your timing and determining where any gaps exist. Contact me at (858) 461-9490 or email me directly to [email protected].


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