Our Team

With distinct practices in Investment Banking and Valuation, Objective serves a diverse clientele, and our team mirrors this rich tapestry of backgrounds and perspectives. At our core, we are dedicated to building a team that reflects the vibrant world we navigate daily.

What we believe

Core Values



We believe that satisfaction in work comes when we are genuinely fulfilled by it. We pursue opportunities that align with our skills, values, and passion, striving for a work experience that is rewarding and meaningful.



We stand firm in advocating for our clients, always ensuring their interests remain at the forefront of our decisions. Our commitment is unwavering, offering support and representation that our clients can count on.


We understand that our collective strength lies in our ability to work together. By harnessing diverse ideas and experiences, we create innovative solutions that have a real and positive impact on our clients’ objectives.


Consistent Excellence

At Objective, we’re not just about achieving success; we’re about sustaining it. Our commitment to maintaining a high standard in all we do ensures our clients can always expect top-tier service and results.

Empowering Talent, Cultivating Industry Leaders

Each member of the Objective team embodies our core values, bringing a unique blend of industry expertise, innovation, and commitment to every client engagement. While our individual journeys differ, we share a unified mission: to make our client's objectives our own.
Trever Acers - Objective-Team-Headshots
Managing Director
Channing Hamlet - Objective-Team-Headshots-blackandwhite
Managing Director
Dan Shea - Objective-Team-Headshots
Managing Director
Carl Miller - Objective-Team-Headshots
Managing Director
Christian Dougherty - Objective-Team-Headshots
Managing Director
Jordi Pujol - Objective-Team-Headshots
Managing Director
Mandy Woods - Objective-Team-Headshots
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Chris Hutchins - Objective-Team-Headshots
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Headshot of Cathy Cao
Vice President, Marketing
Cody McPherson - Objective-Team-Headshots
Vice President
Headshot of Jack Freeman
Vice President
Chanie Smith - Objective-Team-Headshots-
Marketing Operations Manager
Benjamin Stenson - Objective-Team-Headshots
Senior Associate
Kai Duncan - Objective-Team-Headshots