Business Valuation Services From an Award-Winning Team

From start-ups to multi-billion dollar enterprises, we provide tailored business valuation services that stand up to scrutiny and empower informed decision-making.

Proven Business Valuation Expertise. Trusted Results.

Our business valuation advisors hail from the largest and most well-recognized firms in the nation, bringing together a diverse range of expertise. Together, we’ve successfully executed thousands of company valuations, and built a reputation for precision, reliability, and integrity in every service we deliver. Objective’s Valuation Advisory team provides timely, cost-effective valuations that are defensible and impartial, while still designed to align with your specific valuation goals.

Credible Business Valuations


When the stakes are high, such as in legal proceedings for divorce or partnership disputes, an Objective valuation for your business can be crucial for your case. Our valuations are comprehensive and meticulously crafted analyses performed by seasoned experts.

Objective Valuation Services

In the complex world of business valuations, objectivity is essential. At Objective, our name is our promise. We approach each valuation without bias, focusing solely on the facts and the most relevant data. In a world full of opinion, Objective uncovers the truth.

Compliant Valuations


The sheer complexity of regulatory requirements can be daunting. We have a deep understanding of the compliance landscape and its impact on valuations. Our team stays abreast of the latest regulations and industry standards to ensure that our valuations are accurate and compliant. 

Detailed Business Reporting

Detailed reporting

Our reporting goes beyond the surface, diving deep into your business to provide a thorough and comprehensive analysis. With Objective, your valuation report will not only confirm your business’s worth but also serve as a vital tool for strategic decision-making.

Comprehensive and Precise Business Valuations

Understanding the true value of your business is crucial, and it’s not something you want to guess. You want precision, credibility, and a number that can stand up to scrutiny.

With decades of combined experience across a wide range of industries, Objective’s team of valuation experts has the knowledge and skills to provide accurate business valuations.

Business Valuation Outcomes We Can Help With

At Objective, we specialize in delivering comprehensive valuation outcomes tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re navigating the complexities of Purchase Price Allocation, assessing the value of Portfolio Companies, or addressing Goodwill Impairment, our expertise is at your service. 

We provide in-depth analysis for Complex Financial Instruments, and offer strategic advice for Compensation planning, Business Buy/Sell Evaluation, and Business Planning and Pitch Book Preparation

Our team supports decision-making processes with robust Decision Support, and Litigation Planning. We also guide clients through Transaction Planning, IRC 409a Valuations, and Fairness Opinions, ensuring you’re fully equipped to make informed decisions and achieve optimal outcomes.

Our Sample Reports: