Purchase Price Allocation (PPA), ASC 805

Complex M&As

A purchase price allocation is more than just a procedural step in mergers and acquisitions—it’s an intricate process of assessing fair value to both tangible and intangible assets, aligning with financial and tax regulations, and ensuring accurate post-acquisition balance sheets.

We go beyond the numbers, considering the strategic implications of every allocation. With a robust understanding of evolving regulatory environments and industry benchmarks, we ensure that your asset valuations are not only compliant but also finely tuned to deliver strategic insights for long-term growth.

Complex M&As​

In today’s vast landscape of diverse deals involving multiple business units or varied product lines, a meticulous PPA is indispensable. Objective provides a framework that segregates and values assets and liabilities with precision, offering stakeholders a comprehensive picture of where value resides, and equipping businesses with the clarity needed for future endeavors.

Leveraged Buyouts

Debt-financed acquisitions carry their own intricacies. Objective ensures that intangible assets like goodwill are accurately valued, preventing overstatements. A detailed PPA, in this context, becomes a tool for recognizing essential intangibles and setting the stage for effective post-acquisition strategies.

Distressed Asset Acquisition

When the territory involves assets from financially troubled entities, discerning their true market worth is crucial. Objective guides businesses beyond basic financial metrics, employing PPAs to unveil the genuine value and potential of each asset, even amid challenging economic landscapes.

Cross-border Acquisitions ​

In the global expansion journey, businesses are often confronted with varied tax and accounting standards. Objective’s experience in PPAs ensures both consistency and compliance, capturing the value of intangibles, whether it’s a cutting-edge technology or an influential brand name, across diverse markets.

Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) Sample Valuation Report

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