Fairness Opinions

Simplifying Complexity for Boards and Shareholders​

Our team excels in guiding companies and boards of directors in comprehending their fiduciary duties, enabling them to assess the fairness and reasonableness of transactions with precision.

Evaluating transactions, especially when various shareholders and diverse classes of shareholders receive different proceeds, can be a convoluted task for boards of directors. A Fairness Opinion distills this complexity, presenting the analysis in a lucid and succinct manner. This ensures that boards and management teams can comprehensively grasp the nuances of the transaction, including its implications for each shareholder class, its fairness, and associated risk factors. 

Facilitating Informed, Unbiased Decision-Making

Risk Mitigation:

Minimizing litigation risks and potential legal entanglements.

Enhanced Transparency:

Providing stakeholders assurance through a meticulous review process.

Informed Decision-Making:

Gaining an outsider’s impartial perspective for thorough financial discussions.

Big Firm

Many of our team members honed their skills at major institutions, tackling complex, sophisticated, and large-scale transactions. We now channel that expertise into smaller transactions, effectively offering big-firm knowledge with an outstanding value proposition for our clients.

Large Transaction Expertise

A Fairness Opinion is highly recommended for significant transactions, including:

  • Liquidation, bankruptcy, or restructuring
  • Management buyout
  • Related-party transfer
  • Cross-border deals
  • Recapitalization

Objective conducts Fairness Opinion for proposed merger of publicly traded company

Objective’s Valuation Advisory group served as the fairness opinion provider to the Board of Directors of Ra Medical Systems, Inc. (NYSE American: RMED) in connection with its proposed merger with Catheter Precision, Inc.