Craig Ross

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Craig Ross serves as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), where he is in charge of finance and accounting operations, including the execution and strategy that governs financial processes, systems, people, and controls. Holding a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with a focus on Finance and Accounting from The University of Vermont, Craig’s role extends beyond numbers; he partners with the company’s execution team to make informed business decisions based on financial data and insights. 

Craig plays a crucial role in strategy development and execution, acting as a key partner to the company’s execution team. His expertise in Finance and Accounting equips him to provide valuable financial data and insights that inform company-wide decision-making processes, thereby steering the organization towards sustainable growth and profitability. 

Craig actively participates in business networking groups such as Provisors and The Business Advisory Council, while also volunteering his financial expertise at community organizations like the Boys and Girls Club. 

In his spare time, Craig is an avid lover of the outdoors and places great value on spending quality time with his family. 

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