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Goodwill Impairment, ASC 350

Objective Analysis for Acquired Entity Performance

After a significant acquisition, the ongoing performance of the acquired entity is watched closely. If it underperforms relative to initial expectations, a goodwill impairment test is warranted. Objective delves deep into the underlying causes, ensuring that any impairment in the goodwill is recognized promptly, maintaining financial transparency.

Economic Downturns​

Macroeconomic factors, like a recession or industry-specific downturns, can signal potential impairment. Objective’s expertise ensures businesses are prepared, evaluating goodwill for potential impairments while remaining aligned with ASC 350 standards.

Strategic Shifts

If a company undergoes a significant change in its operations or strategy — be it a major product discontinuation or a shift in market focus — the value of its goodwill may be affected. Objective assists in these transitional phases, ensuring accurate reflection of goodwill on the balance sheet.

Adverse Legal Outcomes or Regulatory Changes

An unfavorable litigation outcome or a significant regulatory change can drastically impact a company’s operations and, in turn, its goodwill. Leveraging Objective’s insights, businesses can navigate these unforeseen waters, assessing and addressing any implications on goodwill value.

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