Intellectual Property

Valuing Intellectual Property for Tax Strategy

From patents to trademarks, our specialized valuations uncover the true value of intellectual property, providing a clear assessment of their financial significance and strategic tax potential. Whether you’re seeking to buy, sell, license, or protect intellectual property, Objective’s Tax Advisory guides you through the complexity, so that your path forward is strategically informed.

Monetary Evaluation

Our unbiased valuations detail the financial worth of your intellectual property, essential for transactions, pricing, or fair division in divorce settlements, while highlighting associated tax considerations.

Strategic Insights

We’ll help you illuminate the intangible value often overlooked, capitalize on tax incentives tailored to IP assets, and craft strategies that leverage its distinctive potential to propel your business ahead of competitors.

Licensing and Royalties

Handle licensing and royalty agreements with precision. Our valuations set the groundwork for equitable agreements, shedding light on potential tax benefits or liabilities, even in complex situations like divorce.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Enhance your M&A processes with clarity on both value and tax fronts. Our thorough valuations make negotiations transparent, especially when intellectual property is central, factoring in both its worth and tax nuances.

Litigation Support

Strengthen your legal foothold with valuations that not only pinpoint value but also dissect tax implications. This dual lens proves invaluable in intellectual property disputes, including divorce scenarios.