Engineered Components M&A Industry Update | January 2024

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In this M&D M&A Industry Update, we explore the M&A activity and projections for the Engineered Components sector within the M&D industry. In this M&D M&A Industry Update, our experts share their insights on the current state of the Engineered Components M&A market and look at the factors influencing the broader M&D industry.

Select Insights:

  • M&A deal volume in the Engineered Components (“EC”) vertical was down approximately 9 percent in the YTD 2023 period (through November). While down, this trend compares favorably with overall M&A volume which was down over 20 percent during the same timeframe. As they always do in times of uncertainty, investors seek investment in the more stable segments of our economy and EC companies fit the bill.
  • Valuation multiples in the EC vertical expanded in Q4 2023, reaching 8.6x EBITDA during the period. It will be interesting to see if multiples hold up similarly in 2024 – the Q4 result was materially higher than the long-term average of 7.5x.
  • Publicly traded EC companies continue to outperform the broader market. Our Objective EC Index has far surpassed the Russell 2000 over the last five years showing that EC companies are generally an attractive vertical in which to invest.
  • The advance estimate of Real GDP growth in Q4 2023 was 3.3 percent, down from 4.9 percent in Q3 but still strong, bringing talk of any contraction into question. The Conference Board predicts GDP growth in 2024 at a more tepid rate of 2 percent, including potentially two quarters of slightly negative growth in Q2 and Q3.
  • ISM’s Purchasing Managers Index for December 2023 suggests that our manufacturing base continues to contract, but to a lesser extent than in the preceding month. Surveyed business executives continue to tightly control business investment, material inputs, labor costs, and output.

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